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Worlds of Wood

Wood carvers and woodcarving in VAL GARDENA – a craft tradition

In Val Gardena, the centuries-old tradition of woodcarving has remained alive to this day and still represents an important sector of the economy.

Visitors and art lovers value the excellent workmanship and traditional figurines.
Dolfi continues to use the tools designed generations ago to craft its own sketches and manufactures its wooden figurines exclusively in Alto Adige and each product is handcrafted from start to finish.

Specialized designers sketch the outline of the product. Based on these sketches our collaborators create terracotta models. One of these is chosen as the master model and enlarged to 60 cm.
The first wooden model is carved out of Swiss pine or linden from this model. This original serves as a base for the bronze casting model.
We then use this model as a template for the rough figurines which will then be hand carved by our team and turned into the high-quality products, we market


Traditional wooden Christmas decorations Made in Val Gardena

Christmas is the time of year when we find peace and tranquility. The children can’t wait to see the candles, decorations and, of course, their gifts, while the adults appreciate the peace and thoughtfulness which, even now, characterizes this holiday.

Many families have their own Christmas traditions and special decorations which have been handed down from generation to generation. Dolfi appreciates this custom and offers a wide array of wood and crystal Christmas ornaments, hand crafted in Val Gardena, Alto Adige, and painted or varnished with extreme care.

Bring the magic of Christmas to your home with Dolfi’ s Christmas decorations and celebrate this time of year with sustainable, high-quality products.


Wooden handmade jewelry with Swarovski crystals

The wooden jewelry are made of a material as old as humanity itself. Easy to edit, unique in grain and infinitely versatile application. This makes of wood the raw material for excellence in creating wonderful and unusual pieces of easy jewelry.

Our master wood carvers in Val Gardena were first inspired by African tribal jewelry, and later influenced by the trend designers in the Western world, all revisited with age-old techniques and models of Val Gardena, resulting from its tradition of woodcarving. 

The results are unusual jewelry, all unique and wonderfully charming. With a touch of wisdom, we have combined these wood products with Swarovski crystals, world famous company, and we have created, as a result, objects that remain firmly anchored to the roots of the tradition, but also refined and highly decorative.

You can see the contrast of the brilliance of the crystals against the dark background of wood, as well as appreciate the convenience wearing an ornament from the reduced weight and different colors, as to be always interpreted in a unique and subjective way.



Wooden flowers – hand carved in Val Gardena, Italy

Since time immemorial flowers have brought color into our homes and adorned rooms with their brilliance.

Dolfi provides a wide selection of wooden flowers, an exact replica of those found in nature, in accordance with our Val Gardena woodcarving tradition. Give your home a personal touch and feast your eyes on these splendid creations.

Our flowers are hand carved and are available in many variations and colors.



Handmade wood carving Figurines and Sculptures

Val Gardena in the region of Alto Adige is renowned for its exquisite wooden figurines and for its centuries-old tradition of woodcarvers.

For generations DOLFI has devoted itself to its craft and, to this day, the company offers superb wooden statues and figurines for your nativity scene.
Our assortment has a wide selection of hundreds of saints, profane figurines and animals. We also produce individual tailor-made figurines upon request.

Our master carvers can make any type of wooden model: usually they only need a photograph and within a few weeks you will have your very own statue, carved out of Alto Adige wood, in your home.
Regardless of what you opt for, we will use solely European wood painted with non-toxic Lukas colors.
The larger models are generally carved out of linden and Swiss pine, smaller religious figurines are carved out of maple, European ash or acacia.



Wooden religious figurines and wood carving sculptures and statues

Val Gardena boasts a long tradition of crafting religious figures out of wood. Since the early twentieth century, farmers carved spoons, tools, candelabras and other everyday things during the long winter months.

As in most cultures, the purpose of craftsmanship is not solely to make everyday things, but to create sacred works of art which will stand the test of time. To this day, buildings, frescoes, pediments and statues bear witness to the desire to express one’s religious sentiment and faith.
Wood is the perfect material for this. It is alive and warm, easy to carve and, with minimal care, durable. Wooden religious figurines give an aura of safety and easily adapt to the home furnishings.
Many of our wooden products are the legacy of previous generations and greatly appreciated.




Wooden crosses and crucifixes made in Italy

A wooden cross is the symbol par excellence of Christian faith and is part of the traditional furnishings of a catholic home.

We offer sculptures of Christ on the cross in a variety of styles, from traditional to modern, which are suited to many different homes.
These religious figurines are carved impeccably and treated with oils to highlight the wood grain and the colors of the woodcarving.
Even if a piece is produced according to the master model, each figurine has its own personal expression and its own unique charm.



Hand carved wooden Nativity scenes and nativity sets in wood

For many families a Christmas without a Nativity scene is utterly unthinkable. Dolfi and Val Gardena boast a centuries-old tradition in manufacturing these Christmas decorations, which are, to this day, handcrafted at home.

Dolfi assortment of products has a wide range of lovely nativity scenes with figurines and animals carved out of European wood and treated with 100% non-toxic Lukas varnishes.
You can purchase our nativity scenes in various sizes, three different coloring styles and many different models to suit the style of your home. We also manufacture individual tailor-made nativity scenes and figurines based on a drawing the client provides. Some figurines are life-sized.
Have a look at our assortment, select the products you wish to purchase and take advantage of the manufacturer’s low prices, of the excellent customer service, of the secure payment procedures via credit card or PayPal and of the total transparency in shipping.
Hand carved wooden Nativity scenes and nativity sets in wood



Modern wooden figurines and sculptures

Since time immemorial wood carved figures have been used in religious and artisan circles; today even so-called “profane” figurines are much sought after.

A versatile material such as wood adapts perfectly to various uses and artistic expressions: music stars, actors, scenes of everyday life, animals. DOLFI’s modern wooden figurines can be made according to your specifications.

If our assortment does not have what you’re looking for, please contact us. Our expert carvers can craft any figure based on a drawing you provide.


Wooden collectible wood carved dolls

Once upon a time toys as well as dolls were made out of wood, a material which stands the test of time.

Although nowadays dolls are mainly manufactured out of soft plastics, DOLFI offers prized collectible wooden dolls.
Our wooden doll collection have a soft body, whereas the head, arms and legs are made out of mountain maple.

The dolls are approximately 30 cm tall. The face is painted by hand with non-toxic German colors and the dolls have long blonde braids of real hair.
They wear a traditional linen dress with a white handmade sweater.
All the dolls which are manufactured in our laboratory in Alto Adige come with a certificate and the collection number carved on its head



Designer furnishings – wooden furniture made in Italy

Wood is an extremely versatile material. This is why all the models for machines, buildings or other high-tech products are first modeled out of wood before they go to production.

Even in the world of home furnishings, wood has its place as a designer material. DOLFI Casa offers elegant furniture and extraordinary furnishings made with high-quality wood which will give your home a unique touch.
Hand crafted in Alto Adige, our furnishings come about from the union of tradition and innovation and they will give your home that unmistakable DOLFI style.



Wooden toys and handmade wood craft games for kids

Wooden toys for children have never lost their charm. Although nowadays most toy manufacturers utilize plastic exclusively, people equate wood with quality, well-being and warmth. 

What could be better suited to our little one’s bedroom?
In a consumerist, wasteful society many families are turning to traditional wooden toys. DOLFI has a wide selection: cute wooden animals, small and large figurines, 3D wooden puzzles and much more.
All of our, Traditional wooden toys and handmade wood craft games for kids and children, are made using wood which hasn’t been treated and painted with non-toxic colors. Give your child an eco-friendly gift which will stand the test of time.


Exquisite wooden gifts for every occasion - Hand crafted in Italy

Every occasion is the right occasion: a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. DOLFI’s wide array of products provides many gift ideas made of wood. 

It’s often difficult to find the perfect gift for a loved one, a gift which they will like and use in their everyday life. Rely on our exclusive products! Hand crafted in Alto Adige; a region renowned for its woodcarving: Val Gardena.
Discover our lovely wooden gifts: elegant ballpoint pens, lovely jewelry, fun toys of wood, elegant watches with wooden appliqués and much more.




Necklaces, bracelets and rings - wooden jewelry arts & crafts from Val Gardena

DOLFI offers not only traditional sculptures and wooden Nativity, but also jewelry made of wood, as a perfect accessory for any occasion.
The warmth of wood gives the skin a delicious feeling. The soft shapes, the fancy designs and soft colors of our jewelry collections of wood, they adapt to different styles of fashion classic, modern or sporty.

Our collection of timeless jewelry includes bracelets, bangles, earrings, necklaces and medallions, hair clips and various sets of jewelry.
Rings and bracelets with Swarovski crystals and pendants bright. Wear our jewelry wooden with Swarovski crystals makes it special and sparkling your every look. A unique combination of tradition and modernity characterizes our collection Edelweiss.
A special comfort distinguishes the unique DOLFI watch with applications in wood. Not only are real jewels, but they are also functional.

We offer different models of watches for women and men to propose a beautifulaccessory, stylish and essential.
Sunglasses accessories are practical, useful for eyes and anfashionable inseparable object in today's society. Our collection of wood sunglasses comes equipped with a unique design and a series of lenses of different colors, to suit your taste.
An elegant box also in wood, completes the product'srefinement.


Wooden accessories for home - designed in Italy

DOLFI offers the classic wood carving tradition with careful and elegant design and also a series of new and exclusive furniture, and home accessories made of solid wood.

Bar furniture, chairs, shelves, desks, chairs, lamps and mirrors, hand-made using the roots of the wood of South Tirol. The series is completed by several wooden decorative bowls, wooden tablets and containers, as well as a variety of wooden accessories to beautify your homes.

The new line DOLFI Casa has made it possible, with many accessories for each environment, customized solutions for interior design. Wooden candlesticks with our beeswax candles, creating a relaxing atmosphere of magical light.

Inside the porcelain's line, the Dolomite Collection combines creative design Alpine and Mediterranean and prepares the meal with a touch of elegant originality.

If you still want to add a particular scent to the smell of our natural wood, get inspired by our wide range of
perfumes for environment, designed specifically for DOLFI. Choose from saffron and sandalwood, lotus and ginger or amber and green tea: for every taste there is a suitable scent.





Wood carved italian original Gifts for Valentine's Day

On February 14, Valentine's Day is the day of lovers ... His name derives from a Christian martyr who was also a bishop named Valentine. The tradition of the celebration of the feast originated in the 15th century in England, by the Benedictines, who through their numerous monasteries, have spread the idea of courtly love.

The oldest "Valentine" of which has remained track goes back to the fifteenth century, and was written by Charles d'Orleans, at that time incarcerated at the Tower of London. Since then, lovers show their love with small gifts or poems.

Flowers are always a nice thought for Valentine's Day, but they are not the only option ... By DOLFI, with the traditional production of handmade wooden items, we offer alternatives very special: luxury gifts for all lovers, hand-carved with love, by our experts Masters sculptors of the Val Gardena.
wooden jewelry, solid watches, wooden photo frames and various gift ideas as small hearts and wood charms. The flowers respect tradition, but what's better than a nice gift blooming permanently that reminds you every day to your loved one ...? Take a look at our on-line store and choose something unique that will offer an unexpected joy and will accompany your life making every day a special occasion.


Wooden collectible animal gifts

The traditional art of wood carving includes figures of classic wooden animals. DOLFI offers a select range of migratory birds from the forest and deer statues of various sizes.

Pelicans, eagles, owls or Ibis, European wood carved and hand-painted, will give your living room a pleasant intimacy decorative.
As a special wall decoration remain valid the various models of horns and the wood animals’ heads.
They provide a rustic feel and blend a modern living environment with traditional decorations.

little wooden animals are the delight of young and old people.



Wooden crosses for the children and prayers for newborns

Especially for the little ones, we ask for special protection. In Christian culture, this includes the cross and a guardian angel.

DOLFI offers to the newborn babies a very special series of wooden crosses, painted with love.
Adorned with a guardian angel, the sun, the moon and the stars, the kids have fun with new decorations carved on a wooden cross.

A precious gift for newborns, our wood prayers are specially made in different versions: dedicate an angel and a prayer, is a personalized thought and also, as a glittering gift, there are new models with Swarovski crystals.


Decorative wood carved bowls - elegant home accessories

For a cozy atmosphere in your home, use our decorative wooden bowls. Both as a fruit basket, for cookies or candles are always an elegant piece of furniture.

Of different types of wood and manufactured in various shapes and sizes, these accessories of good taste are extremely versatile inside your house.

The new line
DOLFI Casa offers wood bowls and chopping for your guests to serve special food with style, in a traditional way for any occasion.



Crystal bells with wood carved figurines for collectors

Our crystal bells with wooden figure have been designed and built by our design studio. Are authentic collectibles, suitable for all lovers of Italian gifts, made with taste and class.

Customized with a phrase engraved and combined with a beautiful gift card, our crystal bells are an exclusive gift for weddings or Christmas. The specialty of this DOLFI idea is the unique fusion of Italian style with the noble tradition of wood in South Tirol.



Candle holders and lanterns - wooden Home accessories

Our candlesticks with candles and lanterns wooden convey warm lighting and elegant that give a touch of great warmth, making the house shining all around.

Round lanterns, table lamps, lanterns and chandeliers used as decoration for Christmas or for a nice romantic evening, are suitable for every taste.
Especially the support of the cortex with candle creates in the traditional way the magic to a natural environment.
These home accessories are valuable objects of wood, designed by our DOLFI design study and constructed with different types of wood in Val Gardena, by our master carvers.