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Original Black Forest Cuckoo Woodcarved

The cuckoo clock is a device for measuring the passage of time, which signals the passage of hours with the output of the model of a bird from the watch case itself, accompanied by a sound that mimics the characteristic of the cuckoo. From the point of view of the mechanical operation of traditional cuckoo clocks are clocks, but there are modern models Quartz. Cuckoo clocks are usually characterized by a type design with traditional wooden box carved with leaves, animals, traditional houses or human figures dressed in typical costumes and balances the pendulum mechanism in the form of a cone, but there are many modern models showing a simplified style or minimalist. Some models are valuable furniture or ornaments of carved wood or are considered valuable works of mechanical precision craftsmanship. There are pieces with elaborate ring tones, music organ spectacular animated and complex mechanisms, for the most part representatives bucolic mountain scenery. Compare below the prices of our cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest.

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