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Crucifixes, Crosses, Body of Christ carved wood

The Dolfi wood carved Body of Christ is a special wood carving that people from all over the world can admire in many Christian catholic and Evangelic Churches around the World. The bible studies motions in many parts Jesus Christ and the words of Christ. The way of Christ life has been established in many countries around the world. The Dolfi wood carved Risen Christ can be bought in the best catholic gift stores and church supplies in the USA, Europe, South America and Far East like the Philippines, Korea and Japan. Furthermore, the Dolfi wood carving Body of Christ Art is sold in Religious gifts stores and stores with wooden gifts. Besides the art of wood carving the selected Dolfi dealers and stores carry also religious jewelry, wooden rosaries, catholic books, Christian gifts, wooden crucifixes, Jesus Chrst wood carvings. Curiosity: Jesus send the Lady of Medjugorje to tell better to all the people world wide the Christ Life.The Dolfi wood carved catholic crucifixes are hand painted and made in Italy in Ortisei , the small town in the Dolomites of the Dolfi laboratories. The Dolfi wood carving Cross can be made by hand in different colours as gold crosses, silver Christian Cross, red wooden Crosses, wooden red wall crosses.
Our unique collection of religious articles includes a wide variety of crucifixes of great value. The wooden cross is the representation of the crucifixion statues depicting the passion of Christ on earth. The highest expression is found in the sacred craft new wooden crucifix Dolfi, and in the body of Jesus Christ on the cross.
The Dolfi Wooden crucifixes are carved in wood and painted by hand in the laboratories of Sacred Art Dolfi, our sculptors in Ortisei, in the heart of the Dolomites.
The wooden crucifix, given his noble nature, is now often purchased and added to ancient and modern as a piece of furniture.
Here's the online sale of crucifixes in wood at reasonable prices.

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