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Original carved wooden gifts

The wedding favor Dolfi is a special favor. It is a favor natural wood, warm, soft, rounded shapes and a pleasure to hold and cuddle, so as to convey the warmth and love of the person who gives it to the recipient. So is unique wedding favor that brings us into the world of nature made by various animals that are loved by children and adults. They are objects that are awarded in important occasions such as the bride and groom to the wedding, or for First Communion, baptism, confirmation, the anniversary of Golden Anniversary (50 years of marriage), or the Silver Wedding (25 years of marriage). In recent years the use of wedding favors has extended to other ceremonies to celebrate such as the Diploma, Bachelor's, and birthdays. And as if that were not enough there's more, our animals are wrapped in a plastic straw in their natural world ready to dream of those who receive them. See below our online catalog for sale at affordable prices.

The bomboniera Dolfi is a special gift and brings luck to your friends when you get married!
This are verz special items composed out of 6 natural kinds of wood, warm soft, rounded forms and pleasant to take in hand and cuddle, as to convey warmth and love for the person who gives and who receives it. So is this unique gift that brings us into the world of nature made by various animals that are loved by young and old.
And as if that was not enough there's more, these animals are wrapped in a casing of straw, in their natural world are ready to transmit the heat and let them dream about receiving.
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