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Laser-printed images of saints on wood frames

Sacred images printed on wood made in the gardena Valley in Italy
Check out our collection of images of saints on wood. A gift certainly welcome at onomastico, Christian event in which we celebrate all the people whose name coincides with that of the saint of the day in the liturgical calendar. A long tradition of the Church also wants people with names adespoti (ie, the name of which does not coincide with that of any saint recognized by the Church) will celebrate the feast day of the feast of All Saints. This is because the Saints officially recognized by the Church are only a small part of the existing ones and then there is the possibility that a person with name adespota actually has a patron saint in this crowd of saints who have left a trace of itself over the centuries. In our collection you will also find many of those. Give and used for your dedications printed images of saints on wood and handmade by our company with over one hundred years experience.
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