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Animals wood carved and handmade in Italy

For all children, but also for animal lovers, here is the collection "animals Dolfi". In sculpture, an object can be modeled by addition or subtraction, depending on the raw material. Materials such as wood and marble carving or sculpting allow you to sculpt the material itself. Our animals are born from the imagination of the sculptor and are produced in our laboratories in Val Gardena. To the delight of all you will find the wooden figure depicting the favorite pet in maple wood carved and hand painted like the dog, the cat, the rabbit, the rooster and the hen, the 'bird and the dove. On the new site Dolfi can see many images of animals and complete the purchase online small original masterpieces carved in wood and colored by hand.

The new collectible wood carving Dolfi Animals Collection has been made for all collectors and people that loves animals around the world. This extraordinary detailed collectible wood carved art of animal series consists of the Dolfi wood carved Dog, the fine carved Cat, the wood carved Bird, the Rabbit, the carved Hen and the wooden carved peace dove.
Curiosity: In real life most known animal phyla appeared in the fossil record as marine species about 542 million years ago.





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