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Woodcarvings Val Gardena Italy

During the long and cold winter nights in the Val Gardena the people
worked in the houses. Women were knitting and sewing, men doing
beautiful woodcarvings. In the first hand they carved toys for their
children and utility, later Christmas ornaments and sacral figures for
the nativity scene. During the summer months many of these works were
sold to merchants passing in the valleys. This way a hobby was becoming a
widespread occupation for the families and since the 17th century
altars and statues were shipped over also to catholic churches and
monasteries. Fathers gave this passion and love for woodworks to their
sons who started to go to art schools at Venice and Florence for
refinement. In 1872 in Val Gardena the first school opened for
sculptors. The first workshops opened and many of them still today have a
long tradition.

So also the workshop of Dolfi. In Dolfi Land we are creating amazing
objects like Christmas ornaments, designer furniture,
crosses and saint figures. They have all a quality seal, the
G-symbol, for best quality tradition like one can find only in the Val
Gardena. All Dolfi products are out of our manufacture and are
guaranteed the uniqueness of our work.
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South Tyrol - Italy

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