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Dolfi Promotion

DOLFI since 1892: 120 Years of Tradition

DOLFI figures get their personality from the extraordinary creativity of the wood carvers and skill of the painters.
Each brushstroke contributes to the individual character of the piece, and gives it a special appeal.
The oil paints we use are made especially for this purpose, and the figures are painted with such care and attention to detail that natural wood grain is preserved.

Every figure, though made from a master model, thus acquires its own, fascinating character.

Why Make a Present of a Dolfi Creation?

DOLFI FIGURES are different. We would be happy to explain to you why:

Each figure from our production is made by skilled craftsmen, and thus acquires its own identity. No one figure is the same as another. The individual contours are carved out with great attention to detail. Painting the figure gives it a unique expression. All of our figures are carved in St. Ulrich in South Tyrol.
We are proud of this different and have been proud for decades.
Contact us

Via Digon 26
I-39046 Runcadic/St.Ulrich
South Tyrol - Italy

Phone +39 0471 79 62 39
Fax +39 0471 79 66 56

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