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Custom made

Custom made Orders : Production of pieces on request and the Committee
A large part of our production consists of unique and special requests. We
create three-dimensional figures in wood with a height ranging from 1cm
to 30 meters, according to photos or drawings provided by customers.

"Hoc", corporate gifts:
Do you have a drawing or a picture? We'll make one three-dimensional wooden figure!

DOLFI provides its experience and creativity to companies wishing to create "ad hoc" drawings, sketches or ideas. The
idea will be placed in a box specially packed: so you can impress
customers and employees with a gift truly elegant, exclusive, friendly
and personal. Obviously, each product may appear even your personal logo.

Send us your request with measurements and a photo or drawing to

The Dolfi laboratories are specialized in:
Personalized custom commissioned sculptures, woodwork on request on request:

Pecializzazione manufacturing of busts and sculptures to order
Produzine customer design and implementation commissioned sculptures in wood,
produced and studied, carried on in exactly indications, such as photos, drawings, sketches provided by the client.
Creating a hoc and online sales of sculptures in wood, stone, plaster, resin, fiberglass, bronze, marble
request entirely carved and hand-made by master craftsmen dell'Trentino South Tyrol in Ortisei in Val Gardena.

The figures are made to order from the images suggested by the client,
photos, figures, figure, statue, drawing, studies, design, print, images, ideas,
sketch of files on demand, the draft of ordering customer.

Creating and professional studio for the creation of demand for particular
furniture, mobilitirolesi, furnishing and design and handmade items
by sculptors expert master artisan manually create works
customized for architecture and furnishings for interiors and exteriors as pedestals
tables, cabinets, kitchen tables, coffee tables and rustic windows, wooden balconies,

We specialize in:
Cornices, relief, bas-reliefs, paperweights, vases, centerpieces, wooden plates
bowls, supports keys, bookends, picture frames, plates, vases, boxes and
any other work in wood and other unique materials,
because personalized to order and request and carved entirely by hand
do high quality by the carvers and sculptors born in the valleys of Gardena and producers in the laboratories Study and design on commission custom work and works of art in wood
the furnishing of public places, mountain chalets, hotels, public places and natualmente your home,
your office, or your office.

Personalization on demand:
of your committee reproduce any kind of wood carving or other materials with particular
the most beautiful decorations and carvings of the highest quality at unique prices.
Carve sculptures, busts, reliefs with your initials carved and engraved precisely, with the
eg crest logo and the brand of your company or enterprise;
Give a sculpture to you, but only for themselves even for a recalo particularly in the period
Christmas, Valentine, Easter, compeanno, anniversariom marriage.

Realization of wedding favors to order made to order customized upon request.

Propose to the collections Dolfi your gifts and fancy goods, and your plans
or designs for the realization of a figures, figurines, sculpture handmade
made to order made in any dimensionelarghezza, height or depth.

After our first draft, layout, and construction will send you, without commitment to a
quote for your custom wood creation and implementation as per your request.
The product Saru created a truly unique piece of high quality and great work
certified by Ridolfi with "Entirely Hand Carved" which translated into Italian means
"Carved entirely by hand."
This certifrica the brand introduced and implemented by Dolfi, the Chamber of
Commerce of Bolzano, Trentino-Alto Adige, to protect and preserve the works produced by
laboratories crafts Gardenese and wooden art made exclusively by hand
born with a specialization dellla grooves on wood.

Order now and send us an email:
Quick and easy ordering onlinedi portraits on wood and also customization of the various
articles of wood products from the studies described in the catalogs as
wooden figures, statues and statues, figurines and statuettes, busts on commission, animal figurines,
statues of cherubs and putti, cherubs table and wall putti antique holy life-size,
characters as patrons, religious and secular figures, masks for all holidays, crosses and crucifixes, nativity scenes,
Nativity shepherds and wood, shepherds nativity, angel glory and huts to put under your Christmas tree.
grandfather clocks and cuckoo clocks, rilòievi, carvings, reliefs, chess, chessboard, and damoere
pieces for the figures of the game to defeat professional, logos, signs, plaques, signs, etc..

Contact us here is our hotline: Tel 0471 796239
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Via Digon 26
I-39046 Runcadic/St.Ulrich
South Tyrol - Italy

Phone +39 0471 79 62 39
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